Why handelshaus

Ease of doing business

We offer custom solutions to help you start expanding your business operations.

At HandelsHaus we believe that when your business expands you need to concentrate on the development of your technologies as well as the client experience. That is why we have designed our services to help you reduce your administrative and compliance costs.
Dedicated support

We offer simple and jargon-free customer support for both new and returning clients.

We carefully assess your request and use our experience and business networking know-how to find the best solutions. We recommend tried and tested methods to enable you to achieve your business objectives at a reasonable cost and with minimal risks.
Security &

We value the privacy and trade secrets of our clients. Therefore we use strong encryption methods to secure data storage and communication.

As a business consultant we know that information is precious and all client information disclosed to us electronically is always stored in encrypted form. We are licensed as a corporate service provider and have long-term experience of handling confidential client information.

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